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We Make Spanish Fun!

1. Starting any day.

2.Volunteer oportunities.

3. Freindly Leon Familiy homestay.

4. Activities: Dance, Guitar & Piano Play, Taekwondo, Painting & Drawing.

5. Native and Professional teachers. experience.

6. One on One Lesson + material.

7. Tutorial and cultural programs support.

The most experienced Spanish Course in Leon.

We have a unique atmosphere!

Medical Spanish Health Course León, Nicaragua

Course Dates: Open all year

Course Description: Course Description: This course is an immersion Spanish language study with onsite exposure to primary and community health care in Nicaraguan country.

The course will provide one-on-one instruction in the Spanish language, using the facilities of a Leon Spanish school Nicaragua in Leon, Nicaragua. Participants will study Spanish language grammar and structure and practice conversing. Due to the individualized nature of the instruction, students at any level of Spanish language knowledge will be able to participate. Students will learn about the delivery of health care in Nicaragua through field trips, visiting Nicaraguan health care facilities, and interaction with Nicaraguan health care professionals. Program components include:

Requirements:None special requirement that fill up the application

Targeted number of participants per course: Six to fourteen participants

Housing: Homestay with a Nicaraguan family.

Costs: The Full Price will cover Spanish language instruction, program lectures, homestay with a Nicaraguan family, most meals, airport pickup, housing during field trips, ground transportation, and most miscellaneous program fees. Not included: airfare, meals during the weekends and field trips, required texts, personal expenses, and some miscellaneous costs.